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L’Archipel des Indes c.1787

Rp 150,000

La presqu’isle de l’Inde au de la du gange avec L’Archipel des Indes (The peninsula of India beyond the Ganges with the Indian Archipelago). This map was originally published in 1787 by the French hydrographer Rigobert Bonne.

Size: 29 cm x 19 cm

South East Asia c.1596

Rp 500,000

This highly decorative map was originally published in 1596 by Jan Huygen van Linschoten in his ‘Itinerario’. Linschoten acquired most of the information for the map while serving as the secretary to the Portuguese archbishop in Goa (India) from 1583 to 1589. This map contributed to the end of the Portugese monopoly is the East Indies and opened up the route to the spice islands the Dutch. The map includes a tremendously detailed treatment of the region, displaying a marvelous blend of mythical cartographic detail and contemporary Portugese knowledge in the region. Linschoten also depicts information from the travel account of Marco Polo, including the location of the mythical land of ‘Beach provincia auriferain’ the region where Australia would eventually be discovered. On the mainland the four large lakes in the interior are based on Chinese legend. Korea is shown as a large circular island and Japan is shaped as a shrimp.

Size: 48 cm x 36 cm