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First English map of Australia ~ Year c.1744

Rp 199,000

This first English map dedicated to Australia shows the results of Abel Tasman’s famous voyages in 1642-1644. Decorative elements, including: an elegant title cartouche, a compass rose and two panels of text. The lower panel of text states ‘it is impossible to conceive a country that promises fairer from this situation than this of TERRA AUSTRALIS no longer incognita as this map demonstrates, but this Southern Continent Discovered‘. Bowen incorrectly states on the map that the continent was discovered in 1644.


Bowen, Emanuel (1694?–1767) was an English map engraver, who worked for George II of England and Louis XV of France as a geographer.


Title: A Complete Map of the Southern Continent Surveyed by Capt. Abel Tasman & Depicted by Order of the East India Company in Holland in the Stadt House at Amsterdam.




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