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2 sheet Java Sea Chart c.1720

This attractive map of Java and Madura by Gerard van Keulen was originally published around 1720 in part V of ‘Zee-Fakkel’, the beautiful Dutch pilot guide to navigation in the East Indies and the Malay archipelago. The map contains hundreds of soundings of the sea around Java.

This map consists of two separate sheets (framed in one frame). Available in luxury framing (small inner frames, cloth and an outer frame) or normal framing.

size images: 46 cm x 40 cm

Rp 950,000

Batavia map c.1747

Rp 480,000

Batavia map c.1747

Decorative Mid-18th century large German map of Batavia by  Johann Baptist Homann and originally published in the Homannischer Atlas around 1747. The plan shows the city and its immediate environs, the surrounding rice fields intersected by a network of waterways, canals and outlying fortifications. A detailed lettered key identifies the buildings and sites of importance of this capital and administrative centre of the Dutch East Indies. Inset views depict the city, Rathaus and the castle, whilst below there is a full-length black and white panorama of the city from the sea embellished on each side by portraits of native Javanese figures and exotic wildlife including a leopard and a cayman.

size image: 47 cm x 40 cm

Rp 480,000

India Orientalis c.1638

Decorative map of South East Asia, India and western Oceana by Matthaus Merian, based upon William Blaeu’s India Orientalis map of the same period. Matthäus Merian was a Swiss-born engraver who worked in Frankfurt for most of his career, where he also ran a publishing house. He was a member of the patrician Basel Merian family.

size image: 46 cm x 35 cm

Rp 480,000

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